National Dalit Christian Watch sponsors 10 candidates for Journalism course


By V. Jasmine Swetha

Puducherry: The National Institute of Social Communication, Research and Training (NISCORT) Media College, Delhi organized a-ten day online media training programme to equip people with news writing and reporting.

The main motive of the course was to make the participants attain practical knowledge and understand the concepts of Journalism. Hence National Dalit Christian Watch (NDCW) decided to sponsor ten suitable candidates for this media training and one candidate from each State Chapter.

Training included Article and Feature writing, interview reporting and heading composition, basics of Journalism and writing skills for print media.

Based on the prescribed criteria the participants of the course were selected and they registered themselves to attend the training programme. These trainees would be reporters of the Dalit Christian Digest, an online news portal.

The online course was scheduled from June 21 to 30, comprising of two sessions per day. The first day started with an introductory session with a warm welcoming of Fr. Robinson Rodrigues, director of the NISCORT and the resource person of the training was Sumit Dhanraj from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Central India.

Fr. Rodrigues explained the necessity and outline of the training to the participants and encouraged them to make use of the course in a fruitful manner. The course was then taken charge of by Dhanraj.

Dhanraj explained to the participants about the routine to be followed in the ten days training programme. A separate WhatsApp group was also created in the name “News Writing & Reporting”.

The participants were instructed to submit their daily assignments to the resource person’s email within the stipulated time in word format and after the corrections of the assignments were made they were asked to convert the assignments from word form to PDF form and post it in the WhatsApp group.

Appreciation and positive feedbacks were given by Dhanraj for the work done created enthusiasm and interest in the minds of all the participants. Everyday food for thought was also be shared by the mentor.

On the first day a session on basics and the importance of news writing was conducted, followed by different types of media/journalism, media in India and print media.

On the third day, discussions were dealt with how to write a report, types of news stories, the structure of a news story–straight pyramid and inverted pyramid were made. On the remaining days, sessions were on kinds of leads, types of reporting, and letters to the editor, paragraph writing, and concepts based on ideas for news stories, kinds of essays and Articles, reporting interviews, interpretative stories and sloppy Journalism and fake news.

On the last day, Fr. Rodrigues congratulated all the participants on their successful completion of the course. Participants were asked to give their feedback on the training. Participants appreciated the quality of the course.

Participants thanked the resource person for his mentorship.


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