//Tamil Nadu youth attacked in the name of caste

Tamil Nadu youth attacked in the name of caste

By DCD Reporter

Atrocities against caste are at peak in Tamil Nadu. A Dalit youth is attacked by four dominant caste men overnight and poured urine into his mouth.

This cruel incident took place in a place called Gunathiranpatti near Aranthangi in Pudukottai district.

Mathan, a 19-year-old youth, after completing his engineering and worked as a car driver in Coimbatore. While returning to his village upon Pongal festival, he went out fishing with his friends on January 24.

The perpetrators are identified as Pradeep, Meikandan and Moorthy calling Mathan with his caste name and attacked him furiously. Upon this incident, Mathan was admitted to Avudaiyarkoil government hospital and while returning from the hospital accompanied by a relative, he was kidnapped by the caste-minded Pradeep and his friends to an irrigation tank.

They consumed alcohol and attacked Mathan. When he asked for water, they poured urine into his mouth. When the attackers slept, he managed to escape and reached his relative’s house and admitted to the hospital.

A case has been filed against Pradeep, Maikandan and Moorthy for calling caste names and attacking Mathan.  

According to the Annual Crime in India Report 2019 published by the National Crimes Records Bureau, a crime against Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribe has been recorded an increase of over 7% and 26% respectively in 2019. The same report also produced that 88 rape cases are recorded every day in India.

Violence against Dalits has become daily news and so far there are no permanent solution is found to protect the rights of the Dalits in India.

People across the country see this as news but not as a violation of human rights.

Severe punishments against the perpetrators would prevent these kinds of atrocities, says Wilson, another Dalit youth from Karur, Tamil Nadu.