About Us

Christians constitute approximately 28 million or 2.3% of the total population in india; out of which around 17 million are Roman Catholics; and 11 million are Protestants (CBCI Dalit Empowerment Policy, 2016).

Over 70% of the present Christian membership, irrespective of denominations is being excluded and victimized in the larger society because of caste practices, Dalit discriminated against in all aspects of Church life as well–be it in governance, institutions, congregations and parishes.

The cries of anguish of Dalit Christians, struggle for justice, narratives of affirmation and accomplishment both within the Church and in society are not adequately highlighted in the local, national, or international Christian news portals. These digital platforms focus mainly on giving coverage to Christian dogmatic discourses and Church happenings.

Therefore, there is a dire need for a news portal for Dalit Christians to share their realities of pain, passion, and accomplishment; to voice their demands for equality, dignity and justice; and to claim their rightful spaces in the various ministries and missions of the Church.


  • To publicize the success stories of Dalit Christians within Churches and in society
  • To advocate for policy changes such as proportionate reservation for Dalit Christians in Church hierarchy, governance, institutions, parishes and congregations
  • To expose all forms of caste-based discrimination, untouchability practices and atrocities perpetrated in Churches against Dalit Christians
  • To espouse the assertive action of Dalit Christians for equality, space and justice