VCK party chief at ‘Caste in Christianity’ book release


By Robancy A Helen

Caste in Christianity is an unbelievable concept, though it is practiced within. Caste discrimination is a grave social sin, declares the Dalit Empowerment Policy of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India in December 2016.

Christians do not accept the fact that caste exists in the church. But Nivedita Louis, writer, social and feminist historian, researcher, publisher, and co-founder of Her Stories, has boldly come out with her recent book, ‘Caste in Christianity’.

The book release took place on January 4, 2024, at Kaviko Mandram in Chennai.

The book talks about the deep-rooted castes in the churches from Ravathanallur, Kandigai’s northern part, to Dindigul, Tamil Nadu. The book comprises findings and interviews.

The struggle to empower the Dalits started in 1990. The book documents the works of Dalit activists through interviews about how to go about it now in the current scenario to get away with caste discrimination.

It is not swayed away by the thought that caste is just the problem of the Dalits, but to go beyond and stand firm on the side of the Dalits who are sidelined by society and fight against injustice.

Christianity has deeply rooted itself and grown here, but the roots of casteism are watering the religion, says Thol. Thirumavalavan, chief of Viduthalai Churuthaikal Katchi and Member of Parliament, during the book release in Chennai.

The roots of caste have given power to Christianity. The impact of the land is on Christianity, unlike other countries around the world. The roots of Christianity are the roots of casteism here, according to the leader.

In India, it has established itself without making any fundamental changes in contemporary society.

Chandru, a retired judge of the Madras High Court; Sr. Alphonse of the Franciscan Sisters of Aloysius Gonzaga from the Thurumbar Liberation Movement; and Father Mark Stephan, a Jesuit priest who has been fighting for the rights of the Dalits, were present at the event.

The author has also written a book titled ‘The Unknown Christianity’ in two volumes.


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