//Acid Attack has spoiled the life of Kashmiri Girl

Acid Attack has spoiled the life of Kashmiri Girl

By Ashu Peter Mattoo 

Feb 3, 2022, Srinagar: On the very first day of February, the most brutal and inhuman act of felonious mindset has happened in Hawal area of Srinagar, Kashmir, where a 24-year-old girl has been attacked by acid on her face and body by a man to revenge the rejection from the girl. 

In the old city of Srinagar, Wantpora area of Hawal in the evening, outside the house of the Victim, this shocking incident took place.

Two boys came and one of them splashed acid on her face and ran away, which left the girl with unbearable pain and anguish. She was immediately rushed to SMHS hospital Srinagar, where she has been under treatment. 

Her face is harshly damaged and her scalp has been severely burned. Moreover, doctors are trying to save her eyes.

Her eyes are damaged and surgical eye operations are also being done. Now, the condition of the girl is stable. But, her eyes are at stake to be cured or not, say the doctors. 

Hence, Jammu & Kashmir Police were quick to nab the accused and caught the main accused and his partner in crime. The police also arrested the person who sold the acid to the accused.

According to police, the acid that the accused used is meant in the motors. Moreover, the motor garage of the acid seller has been sealed.

After the investigation, it came into the public domain that the reason for this cruel incident was that the victim has rejected the marriage proposal of the accused boy, for which he got frustrated to do this most ruthless inhuman action. 

Further, condemning this shameful act, several civil society and NGOs from Kashmir and outside came forward to support the girl in her crucial time and demanded “justice for the Acid attack of Hawal.”

They also demanded quick and strict action against the accused. Some people asked for a death sentence for this act of viciousness and mercilessness, so the people should learn a lesson.

According to human rights, no other daughter or woman get to face this type of violence.

Hence acid attack has not only spoiled the body or face of the victim but also the soul of the girl has been turned into pieces, which left her with lifelong pain and suffering.