First Dalit Bishop is appointed for Madurai – Ramnad, CSI Diocese, Tamilnadu


DCD Desk

Madurai, July 18, 2022: Reverend Jeyasingh Prince Prabhakaran has been consecrated as the Seventh Bishop of the Madurai-Ramnad Diocese of the Church of South India (CSI).

He is also the first bishop from the Dalit Christian Community in the Diocese of Madurai Ramnad.

According to the CSI Synod Communications, the installation service was held at CSI Cathedral, Madurai, Tamil Nadu on Sunday, the July 17th 2022. The event was solemnized by many CSI leaders representing both clergy and lay, which includes the Moderator, office bearers of Synod and a few Bishops from the CSI. 

We congratulate Bishop Jeyasingh Prince Prabhakaran as he takes over this new responsibility to serve the Diocese of Madurai – Ramnad at a time when the whole country is facing challenges from the right-wing forces that poses threat to the minorities and especially to the Dalit Christians who face discrimination and disability both within Church and larger society says Dr. Vincent Manoharan, the Chair of National Dalit Christian Watch (NDCW)

The National Dalit Christian Watch (NDCW), a National Platform which is committed to cleanse the Church and Society by annihilating caste and its inhuman oppressive dynamics mainly to ensure equality, justice and rightful space for Dalit Christians within Church and its Institutions, looks forward to the serious interventions by the newly appointed Bishop, who held several positions in this Diocese already, not only to perform his pastoral services but also through his prophetic voice and deeds to uphold justice and peace both within Church and Society, especially for the dignified life and rightful space of the Dalit Christians.


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