Indore: Television serial ‘Yeshu’ based on the life story of Jesus Christ to be aired from December 22


Indore: A television serial ‘Yeshu’, based on the life story of Jesus Christ will soon be aired starting the Christmas holidays from December 22, 2020.

Christian community members at St Joseph Church, Nanda Nagar celebrated and shared their delight by calling it a unique Christmas gift.

The story of the serial is based on the life story of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice on the cross for humanity, as shared by Sharman Francis from the church.

He added that Vivaan Shah as Jesus’ childhood, Sonali Nikam as Maryam and Arya Dharamchand as Joseph, who were Jesus’ parents, will be playing the lead role.
Fr John Paul SVD from Indore helped with all the research work, checking facts and giving insights in relation to Jesus Christ under the supervision of Fr Savari Rayan SVD.

Paul shared, “Yeshu, the lead character of the story is born in a cowshed and devoutly religious home and in his growing up years, has profound knowledge and understanding of spirituality and religion, which shapes his core beliefs of love, compassion, forgiveness and peace.”

He added that Yeshu is blessed with miraculous powers, he is unaware of them. “Through his childhood, Yeshu is nurtured and guided towards his life purpose by his mother,” Paul said.

A brief preview of ‘Yeshu’

‘Yeshu’ is a story of an exceptionally benevolent child who only wants to do good and spread happiness all around him. His love and compassion for all is a stark contrast to the dark, evil forces prevalent during his lifetime. Witnessing the various atrocities on his family and in society has a deep impact on him. His attempt to help others and ease their pain often leads to situations where he inevitably ends up being hurt and condemned, by not just the oppressors, but also people at large. But even that does not stop Yeshu from continuing on his path.

Credit: Free Press Journal.


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