Migrant domestic workers celebrate Christmas in Bihar


Patna: As many as 150 migrant domestic workers on December 20 celebrated Christmas in Patna, Bihar.  

The Bihar Domestic Workers Welfare Trust organized the event with the interstate migrant domestic workers.

The Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (ICM) Sisters Cecily, Kiran and Leema Rose from the Maria Manzil community and the Bihar Domestic Workers Welfare Trust staff attend it.

“We started the day with the Holy Mass celebrated by Father Peter Ladies from the Patna Archdiocese.

“Jesus was born as a human person and we should be proud of ourselves. Jesus came into the world to bring peace, joy and justice among the people,” said Father Ladies in his homily.

Today, some people who amass wealth may not be happy. Or they may not have time to come together as a family, while the poor can gather to celebrate with their littleness,” he added, “So let us be happy with what we have and share the joy among the others.”

After this, the migrant domestic workers from the Chota Nagpur area performed a beautiful Sadri dance and the Assam girls mesmerized the group with their Santali dance.

There was the joy of festivity among the group and they enjoyed sharing the gift of life. The domestic workers were given shawls and mufflers as Christmas gifts and exchanged among themselves the gift sharing, Sister Leena Rose, a social worker, told Dalit Christian Digest.

After two hours of community dance, the group took away not only the gifts but also the joy of the birth of Jesus.

“As many of them set off to their villages for their annual holidays we wish them all blessings of the child Jesus and the peace of Christ,” said Sister Leema, a human rights activist.


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