New Year resolutions are for keeps


By Elaine D’Souza 

Mumbai: Everyone wants to start afresh on New Year’s Day and hence make resolutions. I am one of them too.

What’s with the extreme excitement at the start of the New Year and then as the year progresses there is slack. Resolutions are resolved and dissolved before time and goals left unattained.

As a woman, when I think of setting goals for myself, I think of various parameters—goals towards myself, family, career and church at large.

Let me elaborate. 

The goal towards myself:  Why should I be setting them? I feel the most important person I should focus on is self not because I am selfish or full of myself but because self-care is the utmost care. If we do not treat ourselves well, we end up bleeding on others.

A few goals I set in this regard:

1) Talk to God before I talk to anyone else 

2) Go for a run for 45 minutes daily 

3) Eat small mindful portions of food

4) Spend at least an hour reading something 

5) Conscious effort to drink 4 liters of water daily 

The goal towards family: Aren’t people that love us irrespective? 

1) Take the time to appreciate daily

2) Respond rather than react if something ticks you off 

3) Spend time with mobile phones chatting and laughing 

4) Share at least one meal with them if not more due to work commitments

5) Live the moment and avoid regrets 

Goals towards Church: Should I be even having goals towards the church?

1) Work diligently as though working for God directly and give nothing but your best always.

2) Manage ministries with prayer so that guided by the Spirit effective decisions are made.

3) Keep fostering collegial relations between clergy and laity.

4) To reflect Christ in I do. I lead by example.

Goals towards Career: This is quite normal, why because we get remunerated?

1) To enhance my learning by taking relevant courses available.

2) To listen to Ted talks and inspirational speakers.

3) To focus on growing as a person.

While we all start our New Year on the right foot, what happens to us as we progress? It is the self-disciple and inner strength that eventually sees us through the year. There may be days that may be more difficult than others but each day gives us an opportunity to start over. 

Do not give up. Do not be harsh to yourself. Keep on pursuing and I am sure we will succeed in mastering our emotions and living life to the fullest.

Happy New Year 2021!

(Elaine D’Souza is a parishioner of Mount Carmel Church, Bandra, Mumbai)


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