Schools teachers are suspended for caste provocation in Tamil Nadu


By DCD Des

Tuticorin, June 17, 2022: Two government school teachers are suspended for instigating caste identity in a village called Kulathur in SathanKulam Taluk in Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu, South India.

The Tuticorin District Chief Education Officer suspended Kalai Selvi, the assistant headmistress and Meena, the Mathematics teacher when an audio message was leaked online and went viral.

Are we all not equal Teacher!

What is the role of the teachers? The role of the teacher is to inculcate the values in the minds of the students at all cost. Even if the students have the Caste mind-set it is the role of the teachers to change the mind-set. But here is the opposite.

The students know the Caste but respects them as teachers bemoans Father Devasagayaraj M Zackarias, Former National Secretary of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, Office for Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes.

Both the teachers called Muneeswaran, the student of the school and called his caste name and asked if they liked the physical education teacher who is a Dalit and they do not want the other boys to get admission to the school.

The boy, unaware of the intentions of the teacher, said that all are equal and the Scheduled Caste teachers are good.

“But the teacher insists that they are bad and we cannot allow the Scheduled Castes people to take over the school and requests the boy to help him as the school management is going to have elections,” the boy said.

The boy who is untouched by the dominant caste mind-set of the teacher says he would help the teacher at the end of the telephonic conversation.

The student knows about Caste but the teacher he says the teachers are good and the teacher instigate the student. What are we going? asks Father Zackarias.

 The teachers need to be educated and appreciate the education department for taking the immediate action on the teachers who instigated the student. This would be warning to other teachers in Tamil Nadu

Both the teachers are concerned about not telling anyone about the conversation but tried to pollute the boy’s mind.

This is not the first time this kind of incident has taken place in the schools and villages. But it is unethical and illegal to promote caste into the minds of the young ones, especially the teachers who are called to create an inclusive society.

The non – Dalits do not accept the leadership of the Dalits and this kind of incidents are common in southern Tamil Nadu, says George Rajendran, a social activist from Tirunelveli district.

“I am emotionally distressed,” shares Kathir on his Facebook. He is the Executive Director of Evidence who bagged the prestigious European Raoul Wallenberg Award this year.  


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