University professor releases 4 books on transgender women


By Robancy A Helen

Thanjavur, February 8, 2023: Poverty can never be an obstacle to success, as the four doctorate holders proved on February 3 at the Senate Hall of Tamil University, Thanjavur.

Professor Ku. Chinnappan, the head of the Department of Education and Management, released four books on transgender women in Tamil.

The books include The Life of Transgender Women, The Portrayal of Transgender Women in Tamil Films, Transgender in Tamil Grammar and Literature, and Transgender Women in Tamil Films.

The books were released by Dr. Thiruvalluvan, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Advocate K. Armstrong of the Bahujan Samaj Party, and Father Devasagayaraj, former national secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, Office for Dalits and Backward Classes, New Delhi.

The books speak about the lives of transwomen and how they are treated and approached by their families, neighbors, and society. The author also narrates how transwomen are portrayed in the movies.

He has conducted thorough research on the importance given to transwomen in epics like Kambaramayanam, (Ramayanam written by Kambar, a Tamil poet), Mahabharatam, Tholkappiyam. 

“We need to know how to speak and think politically. The writings of Prof. Chinnappan help society,” said Chinnappan.

He uses all his knowledge and talents for the common good. He has converted his own house into a library under the name Kalvi Valikatti Maiyam (an education guidance center).

Transwomen are portrayed in 64 movies; in some, they are mocked, but after the 1990s, they were introduced as heroes and revolutionaries. In many documentaries, transwomen are portrayed in positive roles.

Chinnappan has authored 23 books, guided 36 students to Ph.D. degrees, and supported several students in education.

According to the author, plants and animals do have a third gender, and there are 5472 transgender women in Tamil Nadu, a southern Indian state.

Their population is 4% of the world, says Dr. Senthil Kumar, Associate Professor of Guru Nanak College in Chennai.

The symbol of the transgender community is betel leaves. The author is a social activist and a humanist. He respects and treats others equally, which can be seen in the book: The Ray of Hope for Transgender Women, says Alka B. Aron, a transgender rights activist from Chennai.

Tamil University has provided free education and hostel fees for transgender students, acknowledges Dr. Thiruvalluvan.

The one who thinks has become great; the one who works hard has risen above; and the one who believes has achieved. This is a quote from Chinnappan, who hails from a humble family in Thiruvathikunnam village in Gingee Taluk in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu.

He recommends that the transgender women should be in the central Board of Film Certification so that they may be aware of the rights of the particular community. He is a lifetime achiever.


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